Director of Data Integrity (Medical Sciences)

I look at the data quality (statistics, ethics) of articles submitted to Matters and if there are concerns, these concerns will be communicated to the author before the article gets published so that the concerns could be addressed before the observations are published in Matters.

COS Ambassador

Promoting Open Science among researchers, providing workshops on Open Science infrastructure, workflows and serving as a go-to person to get to know more about becoming more transparent in one's own research.

PhD candidate

Under the supervision of dr. M.A.L.M. van Assen and dr. J.M. Wicherts I am working on my doctoral project on detecting possible data fabrication/falsification in the social sciences. In this project we develop and apply statistical methods that, on the basis of information reported in a scientific paper, can give a first indication for data fabrication. Typical methods to detect fabrication require the raw data and cannot be applied at grand scale.

Additional activities:
Jan 2016-Present: ad-hoc reviewer for the Ethics Testing Committee
May 2016-Present: KNAW (Dutch Royal Society) Hendrik-Muller network coordinator
Aug 2016-Present: Member of steering committee for PsyArxiv

Research assistant

Research assistant to dr. J.M. Wicherts in his VIDI project on “Human factors in Statistics”. I have worked on, but not limited to, developing text scraping tools, which automate the retrieval of open-access papers, developing and distributing surveys, setting up extensive data sampling procedures, and collect vast amounts of data (~250,000 data points) to make future projects possible.

Teaching assistant

Taught practical software sessions on SPSS and AMOS for bachelor students in the social sciences. This included applying elementary statistical techniques such as t-tests, but also included advanced topics such as probing analyses in light of interactions in regression analyses.
I also taught small-scale classes (~30 per class, 4 classes per course) to accompany large-scale lecture series on "Introduction to Methodology" for the Psychology Bachelor, and "Introduction to Statistics" for Psychology, Sociology, Organization Science and Personnel Science Bachelors. For both the courses I was evaluated positively, scoring 4 on a 1-5 scale (1 = totally not satisfied, 3 = neutral, 5 = totally satisfied).
This summer I will be teaching part of an intensive summer course on statistics in the Tilburg University Summer School. In four weeks time, future master students will be taught all the methodological and statistical considerations as we teach our bachelor students.

TIBER Research Assistant


Research Master (MSc) Social and Behavioral Sciences

Bachelor (BSc) Psychology

Bilingual Atheneum, Economics and Society