Chris Hartgerink

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Just like printer drivers 🖨, I continuously update (sometimes a bit too late too). My design principles are deep engagement with topics through rabbitholing 🐇🕳; active inclusivity of a diverse set of perspectives (ethnically, socially, culturally, historically); working open.

If you want to see what I'm working on, please check out my GitHub page. All my research, coding, and other projects are up there. For example, you can also find my peer review history on there.

You can always drop me a line if you want to chat about collaborating on a project, working open, or simply want to bounce ideas and you think I can help.

Funded at some point by

Mozilla Office of Research Integrity Shuttleworth Foundation

Things I did

When What Title Where
2018/03/01 Workshop Open data and preregistration mini-workshop Tilburg University
2018/03/09 Workshop Project management 101 Tilburg University
2018/02/26 Writing Verified, shared, modular research communication with the Dat protocol
2018/02/16 Workshop Ethics and Data management workshop Tilburg University
2018/02/15 Writing OK Google: Delete My Account (No Wait. No Really.) Medium
2018/01/18 Writing Concerns about blockchain for science Medium
2017/09/01-2018/06/30 Funding Mozilla Science Fellow Mozilla
2014/09/01-2018/08/31 Experience PhD candidate Tilburg University
2017/11/22 Interview Dichter bij de waarheid? [Closer to the truth] De Groene Amsterdammer
2017/11/20 Writing [Science is more than a product, the PhD-candidate more than a tool] Wetenschap is meer dan een product, de promovendus meer dan een middel ScienceGuide
2017/10/21 Talk Young and full of desires: Reliable Knowledge (in Dutch) Amsterdam Medical Student Journal (AMSj)
2017/10/04 Workshop Responsible Research Conduct Tilburg University